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    Jae commented  · 

    Hi i love adobe because all products have quality but adobe misses the point. Ppl want everything easy and fast, and like any other adobe tool spark is a nightmare. We only can open one graphic, if we need to check more graphics to compare we have to open a new one. Why you don't look to your competitors, nobody is doing like this for a simple reason, customers like this products because make our lives easier and quicker, but not in this case, sometimes i feel that is quicker to do this things on photoshop. All wrong, check Canva, spark must allow more than one graphic in the same page to edit like in Canva and in similar companies. The page load is slow comparing to other companies and when we save the work, saves one by one, at the end of the day we have thousand save drafts. Nonsense. Once again i say, check Canva, they are doing right, you open Instagram post graphics for example and in the same page you can test many graphics and when the system saves the work, saves only one page with all drafts there. Canva has videos, spark has i don't know what you call to that thing that we cannot do anything with it. Spark doesn't have GIFs, why???? Organization? None. Spark mixes instagram templates with other templates from other platforms, another thing that makes us loose lots of time. Nothing makes sense. I dont understand how a company like adobe with millions can creates messy things like this. Everyone one social media are using GIFs, and everybody is searching personalizing GIFs cause well we are all tired of GIFs from Giphy always the same ones that everybody already saw. We search something new, different, cool... in conclusion, i just say spark has good graphics, good images, well at least that, but everything else it's a nightmare. Now i just use spark to find good images cause to work on my Instagram templates and Pinterest, Canva it's much better , more complete, everyday they add new images, new GIFs and free templates, and it's really easy to do anything in seconds with their tool. Adobe is like Apple always focusing on quality but you forget the other important thing, that is technology exist to make our lives easier and not more complicate. Expensive tools with complicated software its a good recipe to failure its a matter of time, and that is the reason why Apple is losing customers. Worst graphics editor ever. I think all ppl is like me, they only are here cause you have good photos and better graphics than most competitors, but even so, the price you charge, doesnt worth it. Its too much for a tool that makes us lose all day around this to do simples tasks that we can do in seconds on canva. nightmare.

    Jae supported this idea  · 

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